Instructions for Waitlisting

Waitlisting is a function that academic departments may employ that allows students to add to a waitlist for a course that is closed. Once a student has waitlisted for a course section, they will receive notification via email if a seat becomes available in that section. Waitlisted students are notified on a "first-come-first-serve" basis, and once the notification is received, they will have a specified window of time to register for the course. The email notification will specify your window of time. Students will have 12 hours to register for the course section after notification. Waitlisting is not registration or enrollment in the courses.

Departments that are currently using the waitlist function for one or more course sections:

  • Biology
  • Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Literature, Media and Communication
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Physics
  • Modern Languages
  • Nuclear and Radiological Engineering
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Physics
  • Scheller College of Business (ACCT and MGT)

Additional departments may employ the waitlisting option. For the most up-to-date information, please use the Schedule of Classes search described below.

Registering for a Course with a Waitlist

(Note, steps 1 through 6 are the same as Registering for a basic course. Please see Step 7 if you are familiar with how to find courses in OSCAR.)

Step 1. Go to OSCAR or through BuzzPort, the OSCAR Registration tab.

Step 2. Once on the OSCAR Registration landing page, select the top right option labeled, “Register for Classes”.

Step 3. Login through the Georgia Tech login service.

Step 4. Select the term you wish to register.

Step 5. There are several options to find your desired course. On the default tab, you will be able to search via subject (College or School), course number, or a keyword. You may switch tabs to the right of your current tab to search via CRN. You may also see the advanced search options to view by specific professors, campus, time slot, and more. You may also press search with no filled in information to see all courses during your selected semester.

Step 6. Once you have filled out your class information and pressed search, you will be taken to a search results page. This page shows all the available courses of your searched criteria during your chosen semester.

Step 7. Should you find the course you want to register for is “FULL: 0 seats available” as labeled in red highlights in the Status Column (11th column) but has an upside down blue triangle symbol with an exclamation mark inside followed by a number then this means the course has a waitlist. If the waitlist is not full, as detailed in the Status column, then you may apply for the waitlist.


Step 8. Click Add in the last column labeled Add.

Step 9. Two panels should appear in the bottom of your screen, showing your pending schedule in the left panel and the summary of the course(s) in the right panel.


Step 10. If all looks correct, register the course as a waitlist by going to the Action tab in the lower right panel of your screen and selected the Waitlist option. Click submit to register as a waitlist course.

Video: Registering for a course with a waitlist