Time Tickets

Time Tickets

Time Tickets

Students are assigned a specific time slot during which they may register. This time slot is referred to as a "time ticket." Students may view their assigned time ticket on the Web Student Access System. Students may access the "Add/Drop Classes" option only during their time ticket.

Students can view their time ticket information by following the directions below:

  1. Log into BuzzPort
  2. On the Home tab locate the "Registration and Student Services" channel
  3. Select the "Registration - OSCAR" link
  4. Select "Student Services & Financial Aid"
  5. Select "Registration"
  6. Select "Prepare for Registration"
  7. Select the term you wish to view your time ticket from the drop-down menu. 
  8. Select "Continue" 

Time Tickets for Phase I registration are usually assigned the Friday before academic advisement for the next term.

Time Tickets for Phase II registration are usually assigned the Friday following grade processing for the previous term. Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Academic Calendar

Time ticket assignment is based on earned hours.

Time Ticket Distribution Schedule

Time ticket windows are based on credit hours completed with a passing grade. Any courses in progress at this point were not considered in the assignment process.

Time Ticket Distribution for Phase II Spring 2024

Table posted Wed. Jan. 3rd at 4:15 PM EST

DayDateStart TimeNew/ContinuingGroupRelease parameters
Thursday4-Jan7:00amNew, Cont., and ReadmitAAAll
Thursday4-Jan8:00amNew, Cont., and ReadmitVeteransAll
Thursday4-Jan8:30amNew, Cont., and ReadmitDisability ServicesODS confirmed mobility concerns and medication management restrictions.
Thursday4-Jan8:30amContinuingGradsOMS Analytics, OMS Cyber, campus 1 and GC- 25+
Thursday4-Jan9:00amNew, Cont., and ReadmitROTCAll
Thursday4-Jan9:00amContinuingGradsOMS Analytics, OMS Cyber, campus 1 and GC - 13 to 24
Thursday4-Jan9:30amContinuingGradsOMS Analytics, OMS Cyber, campus 1 and GC - 0 to 12
Thursday4-Jan10:30amNew OMS Analytics and CyberNew OMS Analytics and CyberAll
Thursday4-Jan11:30amNew Grads - Non-OMSNew GradsAll
Thursday4-Jan11:45amContinuingSeniors120 and above
Thursday4-JanNoonContinuingSeniors115 to 119
Thursday4-Jan12:15pmContinuingSeniors110 to 114
Thursday4-Jan12:30pmContinuingSeniors105 to 109
Thursday4-Jan12:45pmContinuingSeniors100 to 104
Thursday4-Jan1:00pmContinuingSeniors95 to 99
Thursday4-Jan1:15pmContinuingSeniors90 to 94
Thursday4-Jan1:30pmContinuingJuniors85 to 89
Thursday4-Jan1:45pmContinuingJuniors80 to 84
Thursday4-Jan2:00pmContinuingJuniors75 to 79
Thursday4-Jan2:15pmContinuingJuniors70 to 74
Thursday4-Jan2:30pmContinuingJuniors65 to 69
Thursday4-Jan2:45pmContinuingJuniors60 to 64
Thursday4-Jan3:15pm - 5:00pmFASETFASETMultiple groups opening, 3:15pm to 5:00pm
Thursday4-Jan3:15pmContinuingGrads37 to 49
Thursday4-Jan3:30pmContinuingGrads25 to 36
Thursday4-Jan3:45pmContinuingGrads13 to 24
Thursday4-Jan4:00pmContinuingGrads0 to 12
Thursday4-Jan6:00pmNew Transfers No FASETFASETNew Transfers/Ugs not attending FASET
Friday5-Jan8:00amContinuingGradsOMSCS -- 27+
Friday5-Jan8:00amContinuingGradsOMSCS -- 24 to 26
Friday5-Jan8:15amContinuingGradsOMSCS -- 21 to 23
Friday5-Jan8:15amContinuingGradsOMSCS -- 18 to 20
Friday5-Jan8:30amContinuingGradsOMSCS -- 15 to 17
Friday5-Jan8:30amContinuingGradsOMSCS --12 to 14
Friday5-Jan8:45amContinuingGradsOMSCS --9 to 11
Friday5-Jan9:00amContinuingGradsOMSCS -- 6 to 8
Friday5-Jan9:15amContinuingGradsOMSCS -- 3 to 5
Friday5-Jan9:30amContinuingGradsOMSCS --0 to 2
Friday5-Jan9:45amNew OMSCSNew OMSCSAll
Friday5-Jan10:00amContinuingSophomores50 to 59
Friday5-Jan10:30amContinuingSophomores40 to 49
Friday5-Jan11:00amContinuingSophomores30 to 39
Friday5-Jan11:30amContinuingFreshmen20 to 29
Friday5-JanNoonContinuingFreshmen10 to 19
Friday5-Jan12:30pmContinuingFreshmen0 to 9
Friday5-Jan1:00pmContinuingSpecial, TransientAll
  • Tickets posted on Wednesday, January 3th, before close of business
  • Waitlisting will start Friday, January 5th @ approximately 1:00pm EST.
  • Waitlisting will end on Thursday, January 11th @ approximately 5:00p EST. Free-for-all registration will start @ approximately 9:00am EST on January 12th.
  • Phase II Time tickets end on Friday, January 12th @ 4:00pm EST.