Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy

No scripts, robot programs, or abusive registration attempts.  This includes browser add-ins which auto-refresh a web page. 

Students are required to abide by the Institute's Acceptable Use Policy when using Georgia Tech's computer resources, including the registration system. As such, no student may use any unauthorized computer program or script to register for classes or attempt to circumvent the registration system in any way. No student should repeatedly attempt to register for a closed section of a course by hand in an attempt to "brute force" into the next available seat. To do so is a violation, as "faculty, staff, and students are expected to behave in an ethical and professional manner when using IT resources." This also violates the section "Protection of IT Resources" by "knowingly installing or running...disruptive software" which results in depriving other students an opportunity to register. Information regarding any student who violates this policy will be forwarded to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.