About the Registrar's Office

Georgia School of Technology

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Office of the Registrar
  Email: comments@registrar.gatech.edu
  Phone: 404-894-4150
  Fax: 404-894-0167 (Primary Fax Number)
404-609-4997 (Secondary Fax Number)
  Hours: Monday through Friday
9:00 am to 4:00 pm EST
  Campus Location: Administration Building, "Tech Tower"
225 North Avenue
First Floor
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  Mailing Address: Georgia Institute of Technology
Registrar's Office
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0315
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Our Mission

In support of the mission and the educational programs of the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Registrar's Office seeks to:

  • Create and maintain accurate student academic records in compliance with applicable policies, laws and regulations.
  • Ensure continuously satisfactory service through good management practices and responsible stewardship and utilization of resources.
  • Establish daily business practices which reflect the most advanced technological methods available to improve customer service.
  • Make student data available in easily accessible formats to departments for administrative purposes and research.
  • Interpret Institute, Board of Regents, and governmental policies to faculty, staff, students, parents and the general public.
  • Assess the effectiveness of services provided to ensure equitable and ethical treatment of all customers.

Our Vision

The Registrar's Office at Georgia Tech will be a technologically advanced, highly efficient, customer-oriented, flexible organization adaptable to the changing needs of the Institute. It will deploy cutting-edge technologies and effective management practices to ensure that its resources are used wisely and to their full potential in the delivery of world-class customer service. It will create a work environment for its staff that fosters learning, creative thinking, effective problem-solving, and on-going commitment to excellence. Accountability at all levels will be a hallmark of its character.