Faculty and Staff

Academic Scheduling

The Registrar's Office is responsible for academic scheduling.

Banner and GT Reports

Our technology experts are custodians of the Student Information System and provision access to it.


Complete information about the curricular programs currently offered by the Institute.


The Catalog is the authoritative source of information regarding academic policies and degree requirements.

Core Curriculum

Undergraduate degree programs must satisfy the core curriculum required in the University System of Georgia.

Curriculum Goverance

Innovations of courses and programs are reviewed and approved through the Institute Curriculum Committees.

Degree Information

Comprehensive information about degree audits, degree verification, awarding degrees, and more.

Faculty Governance

Access to the membership lists and minutes for faculty committees, as well as the Executive Board and Faculty Senates.

Faculty Resources

The Faculty Handbook and other useful items for faculty members and instructors.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal statute which gives students certain rights with regard to their education records.

Final Exams

The guidelines pertaining to final exams and the details of exam scheduling.


A collection of many forms required for Registrar's Office services.

Grading and Grade Entry

Explanations of grading policies and instructions for submitting grades.

Information Systems

Assistance regarding GTID look-up, and access to student portals.

Institute Approved Absences

The process by which recognized student groups may request excused absences.


Detailed information and guidelines for students returning to the Institute.

Rules and Regulations

The Institute's official rules and regulations are promulgated in the Catalog.

Transfer Credit

Policies and processes by which credit earned elsewhere might apply toward Georgia Tech programs.

Verification of Participation

A crucial process whereby faculty report which students have and have not engaged with their courses.