Selected Services

Certifications and Verifications

Various documents that verify academic standing, degrees awarded, enrollment history, and more.

Chosen/Preferred Name Option

Important details on an option wherein students may go by a name that is different from their legal first name.

Credit by Examination

Policies governing how students may receive credit based on their scores on certain examinations.


Only students who have graduated from Georgia Tech can request a copy of their diploma.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal statute which gives students certain rights with regard to their education records.


A collection of many forms required for Registrar's Office services.


About the grading system, grade changes and substitutions, GPA, academic standing and more.

Information Systems

Assistance regarding GTID look-up, and access to student portals.

Leaves of Absence

The process by which a student requests approval for time away from the Institute.

Personal Information

Forms and policies regarding how a student is identified in the Student Information System.

Privacy and Student's Rights

Learn about FERPA, your rights, and our responsibilities for confidentiality.


The Registrar's Office facilitates the registration process and provides assistance.


Complete information about the ordering of official transcripts and related policies.

Transfer Credit

Policies and processes by which credit earned elsewhere might apply toward Georgia Tech programs.

Tuition Classification

The rules for classification of students for tuition purposes are set by the Board of Regents.