Parents and Family


The official dates that define an academic term, including deadlines and holidays.


The Catalog is the authoritative source of information regarding academic policies and degree requirements.

Certifications and Verifications

Various documents that verify academic standing, degrees awarded, enrollment history, and more.


Graduation procedures vary by academic department, so be sure to check with your school or college about special requirements.

Emergency Contacts

Students may list as many emergency contacts as they wish. This information is confidential.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal statute which gives students certain rights with regard to their education records.

Honoring Achievements

Students who earn exceptionally good grades may be honored and recognized in a variety of ways.

Parents Program

The Institute views its relationships with parents and families as crucial partnerships for helping students succeed.

Rules and Regulations

The Institute's official rules and regulations are promulgated in the Catalog.

Tuition Classification

The classification of students for tuition purposes is governed by the Board of Regents.