Tuition Classification

Tuition Classification

Petition for Tuition Classification

This petition should be submitted only if the Registrar's Office has already notified you that you have been classified as a non-resident for tuition purposes and you have good reasons to believe that further information could alter that decision.

You must demonstrate that you, your parent, your spouse, or your U.S. court-appointed guardian (if you are a minor) is a legal resident of Georgia for tuition purposes. You may establish this claim by providing documentation to support the definition established by the Board of Regents. Please note that establishing residency for tuition purposes as defined by the Board of Regents is different from establishing residency with regards to voting, having a Georgia driver's license or vehicle tag, etc., and it requires more than establishing eligibility to vote, securing a Georgia driver's license, and/or paying taxes.

*File form updated Aug. 2019

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