Tuition Classification Policy and Procedures Established by the USG Board of Regents

USG Board of Regents Policy Manual's Section 4.3 regards student residency, and it contains these subsections:

  • 4.3.1 Out-of-State Enrollment
  • 4.3.2 Classification of Students for Tuition Purposes
    • Description of Terms Used in the Policy
      • Dependent Student
      • Emancipated
      • Independent Student
    • United States Citizens
      • Independent Students
      • Dependent Students
    • Non-Citizens
  • 4.3.3 Tuition Differential Waivers
  • 4.3.4 Verification of Lawful Presence

Out-of-Country Residency Classification 

Beginning Fall 2024, the University System of Georgia (USG) implemented a new, third level, of tuition classification for out-of-country. Students are now classified as residents of Georgia, non-residents of Georgia, or out-of-country for tuition classification purposes.  Students who did not graduate from a high school in the United States, or do not currently hold one of the following immigration statuses are classified as out-of-country

  • U.S. Citizenship

  • Lawful Permanent Residence

  • Other eligible non-citizen status as defined by federal Title IV regulations

Students may review their residency classification in Oscar under the Students tab.  In this tab, click on the Student Profile tile. Current tuition rates are available with the Bursar's Office. 

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