Transfer Credit for Online Courses

During the Spring, Summer, Fall 2020, Spring, & Summer 2021 terms, institutions around the country continued their course offerings in online format out of necessity. Therefore, we will accept courses for transfer credit that were completed in online format taken in the Spring, Summer, Fall 2020, Spring, & Summer 2021 term. The actual dates may vary since some institutions are on semesters and some on quarters, and their calendars vary in other ways. For future terms, Fall 2021 & Spring 2022, if the courses are only offered at your school in an online mode, we will consider the course for credit as if taken on-campus. If the course is not listed on the transfer equivalency site, the course must be submitted for review to Transfer Credit site. This is a temporary suspension of our policy that places some restrictions around online courses and transfer credit.

Currently, online versions of all Lab Science courses, all International Affairs courses, all Psychology courses, all Economics courses, and courses equivalent to HIST 2111 and HIST 2112 are not eligible for transfer credit consideration.

In most cases mathematics are not eligible for consideration unless sufficient documentation is provided to show the course exams are proctored. If you are interested in taking the online versions of mathematics courses that meet this requirement or if you have questions regarding this policy, please email the Math Department for more information.

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