Georgia Tech Students Attending Other Schools

Important Information

An undergraduate student who is within 36 hours of graduation from Georgia Tech cannot take courses elsewhere and apply the credit toward their degree without prior approval. To obtain permission, the student must successfully petition the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Courses taken via cross-registration are considered resident credit and may be taken during the last 36 hours without Undergraduate Curriculum Committee approval.

Catalog: Residency Rule "36-Hour Rule"

Petition to the Faculty


Please note that Georgia Tech students cannot be enrolled in Georgia Tech and another institution during the same term with the following exceptions:

  1. Students may concurrently enroll at Georgia Tech and another Institution during the Summer Term.
  2. Students participating in the cross-registration program.
  3. Students who have the permission of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee or Graduate Committee to be concurrently enrolled in either Fall or Spring terms.
  4. Students who are on a co-op work assignment, but are taking no other courses at Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech students who wish to attend another school for a term must apply for admission to the school they wish to attend, by their deadline. The enrollment decision is made by the other school, not Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech students are responsible for verifying that courses taken elsewhere will transfer back to Georgia Tech by reviewing transfer course information on the Transfer Equivalency Catalog. For further information regarding transfer credit, refer to the Transfer Credit Information page.

Transfer Equivalency Catalog

Transfer Credit Information

Georgia Tech students who have a transient form from another institution should submit the form to the Georgia Tech Registrar's Office for processing. Students who do not have a transient form, but need to have a transient letter sent to another school, can complete and sign a Georgia Tech request form. Please allow at least one week for processing.

Ordering Via the Web

Current or recently enrolled Georgia Tech students may order certifications via the web. Students may request a certification to be mailed, or picked up (photo ID required) in the Student Records Office, Room 104 of the Tech Tower (Administration Building). There is no fee for certifications. Web-generated requests are usually filled within 2 business days.


  • Log into BuzzPort
  • On the Home tab locate the Registration and Student Services channel
  • Select the Registration - OSCAR link
  • Select the "Student" tab
  • Select "Academic Verifications" tile
  • Select "Academic Verifications" tile on the next screen¬†

You should receive a confirmation message on the screen after submitting your request. If we experience any hardware problems, you will receive a "Request Failed"; message and you need to try again later or fax a request as instructed below. If you continue to experience difficulty using the web, please e-mail