Verification of Participation

Verification of Participation Web App

This web app is the mandatory tool for the required reporting of students' participation in classes.

VOP app is restricted to on-campus or VPN.

Due to new cybersecurity precautions, the VOP web app may be accessed only from an on-campus location or through the Georgia Tech VPN.

Users attempting to access it off campus and without VPN will receive an error message.

Verification of Participation FAQ

What is verification of participation?

Verification of participation is a process whereby instructional faculty report to the Registrar's Office and the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid whether they have students enrolled in their classes who are not engaged with the course.

Why must we comply with it?

We must comply with it because it is a Federal Title IV requirement.

What does the rule require?

The rule requires students who are receiving Federal Title IV financial aid to be participating in all courses (credit hours) for which they have been funded. This means that if a student is enrolled in 12 hours and the financial aid award was based on 12 hours, participation has to be verified for all 12 hours.

What are the consequences to students?

The consequence for students who are reported as "not participating" in the courses on which financial aid was awarded is that the aid will be recalculated and revoked as appropriate and the student will have to pay back the remaining amount. Lack of participation results in a financial impact for the student. Students cannot accept Federal Title IV aid and then not engage in the study that it is funding.

Which classes are affected?

All undergraduate and graduate classes that are for credit, billable, and gradable must be reported. For example, 7000 and 9000 level thesis hour courses for graduate students must be reported. Courses that are graded pass/fail must also be reported. Classes that are delivered online or at a distance are also included.

What constitutes 'participation' in a class?

Participation in class can be indicated in various ways. As instructional faculty are reporting their findings at the beginning of each term, the following examples might be helpful.

  • Attending the class
  • Handing in homework
  • Taking a quiz or exam
  • Posting information or accessing information on a website
  • Posting blog entries or comments in a chat room
  • Participation in group projects
  • Meeting with or communicating with the thesis advisor on research progress
  • Any other activity that demonstrates engagement in the course

How do instructional faculty report this information?

The tool for reporting student participation in class is located at the web link below.