Petition to the Faculty

A "Petition to the Faculty" form may be completed by a student when asking for an exception to an Institute rule or policy. Some examples of exception requests include:

  • To withdraw from school past the deadline
  • To extend the time to complete a thesis
  • To be granted an individual course substitution
  • To be granted full graduate standing

All "Petition to the Faculty" forms must be completed by the student and signed by all appropriate offices. Instructions for completion are printed on the form. Blank forms can be obtained in the Student Records Office in Room 104 of the Tech Tower (Administration Building), or by clicking the link above. Once completed and reviewed by the major school, these forms should be submitted to the Registrar's Office via email to Students should submit the "Petition to the Faculty" and any supporting documentation five working days prior to the committee meeting.

These petitions are reviewed and acted upon by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee or the Graduate Curriculum Committee.

Dates of the committee meetings are published in the Academic Calendar for the term. Results will be available the following day and students will be notified by email.

Academic Calendar

In addition, students can obtain their results by visiting the Registrar's Office or calling 404-385-6519.


A student has 30 days to retrieve the supporting documentation after the resolution of their petition. After this time has elapsed, all supporting documentation will be destroyed. The student may retrieve their documentation by contacting the Registrar's Office at 404-385-6519 to make the necessary arrangements.

Important Supplemental Information

Guidelines for Students Preparing Petitions

Mental Health Guidelines