Withdrawal from the Institute (aka "Withdraw from all classes")

Authoritative information regarding withdrawal and readmission is published under Rules & Regulations VIII in the Catalog.

Catalog: Rules & Regulations VIII

Georgia Tech has one deadline for course drops and another for withdrawals. See the Academic Calendar for deadlines by term.

Academic Calendar

Important Policies

  • All holds must be removed before a student can drop or withdraw from a course or withdraw from the Institute.
  • The amount of the student's refund will be based on the date she/he changes the status of all courses to "course drop by student". Consult the Bursar's Office for more information about the refund policy.
  • With the exception of part-time (i.e., students enrolled in 6 credit hours or fewer) graduate students, students who withdraw from the Institute must submit a "Petition to the Faculty" form to return the next term.

How to Withdraw from the Institute After Registration has Closed

Courses withdrawn after Phase II registration has closed will show as a "W" grade on a student's academic record.

  1. When looking at the Register for Classes page, open the bottom panels to see the courses you have registered for.
  2. If the courses are marked in green under the Status column on the bottom right panel say “Registered”, and you want to withdraw, click the drop-down menu under the Action column next to the Status column.
  3. When clicking the Action column drop-down menu you will see the option to Course Drop by Student. Select this option to withdraw from the course.
  4. Once you have selected the "Course Drop by Student," go to the bottom right of this panel where it says "Submit" and select it.
  5. After selecting it, you have withdrawn from the course. The Status column should be highlighted in green stating “Withdrawn” as seen in photo below.
  6. Repeat the above steps for all courses. Once all courses have been withdrawn from your schedule, you have effectively withdrawn from the Institute.

How to withdraw from a course and how to withdraw from the Institute

Withdrawing after the withdrawal deadline

Students who are seeking to withdraw from a single course or from the Institute after the withdrawal deadline of the semester must submit a Petition to the Faculty for consideration. The Petition process does not guarantee a withdrawal after the deadline will be granted. It is recommended that you consult with your academic advisor first before starting the Petition to the Faculty process. More information on the petition process can be found at Petition to the Faculty.

Enrollment Status

Enrollment Status: Full-Time or Part-Time