Withdrawal from the Institute

Authoritative information regarding withdrawal and readmission is published under Rules & Regulations VIII in the Catalog.

Catalog: Rules & Regulations VIII

Georgia Tech has one deadline for individual course drops and for complete withdrawals from the Institute. See the Academic Calendar for deadlines by term.

Academic Calendar

Important Policies

  • All holds must be removed before a student can drop a course or withdraw from the Institute.
  • The amount of the student's refund will be based on the date she/he change the status of all course to "course drop by student". Consult the Bursar's Office for more information about the refund policy.
    Bursar's Office
  • With the exception of part-time (i.e., students enrolled in 6 credit hours or fewer) graduate students, students who withdraw from the Institute must submit a "Petition to the Faculty" form to return the next term.
    Petition to the Faculty Form

How to Withdraw from the Institute

Any student, with the exception of active duty U.S. military personnel, who wishes to withdraw from the Institute must do so by selecting the "course drop by student" option for all registered courses. This option is presented when the arrow on the "Action" dropdown selector is clicked. All courses will remain on the student's schedule with a status of "course drop by student". A grade of "W" will be assigned for the dropped course(s) at the end of the term.

  1. Log into Buzzport
  2. On the Home tab locate the "Registration and Student Services" channel
  3. Select the "Registration - OSCAR" link
  4. Select "Student Services & Financial Aid"
  5. Select "Registration"
  6. Select "Add/Drop Classes"
  7. Select "Term"
  8. Select "Course Drop by Student " from the pull down menu; Repeat this action for registrered courses
  9. Select "Submit Changes" button
example of withdrawal page

Enrollment Status

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