Transient Students Who Wish to Attend Georgia Tech

New Students

If you have never attended Georgia Tech, you must apply for admission.

Undergraduate Admission

Graduate Admission

Students Who Have Been Away from Georgia Tech for Two or More Consecutive Terms

If you have attended Georgia Tech in the past, but it has been two consecutive terms or more since you have been enrolled, you must apply for readmission.


Transient Students Currently Enrolled in Courses at Georgia Tech

Transient students are approved and admitted for one academic term at a time. If you are currently enrolled as a transient student at Georgia Tech and wish to attend an additional term, you must complete a new application through the appropriate admission office. Georgia Tech may allow transient students to attend for consecutive terms but a new application and supporting documentation must be submitted for each term. Students seeking transient admission shall submit the following:

  • A completed application for admission.
  • A permission letter or form from the registrar, department chair, advisor or other appropriate official from the applicant's home institution. The letter must indicate the student has permission to enroll in the host institution for the term the student is applying.
  • Georgia Tech may require transient applicants to submit an application fee. Georgia Tech may set additional requirements for transient admission. Transient admission does not guarantee course availability.

Special/Transient Student Permission Form