Semester System

Georgia Tech changed from the quarter to the semester system in August of 1999. There are three terms offered each calendar year: Fall, Spring, and an abbreviated Summer Term.

Course credit hours are represented by a numbering system where the first digit represents lecture hours, the second represents lab hours, and the third is credit hours. (Example: a 3-0-3 course is 3 hours of lecture, zero lab hours, 3 hours credit.)

Fall and Spring Terms

  • Each lecture class is equal to 50 minutes per day.
  • 750 minutes of lecture class time equals 1 semester hour of credit.
  • In general, 3 hours of supervised lab is equal to 1 semester credit hour.
  • Each semester is 15 weeks of class.

Summer Term

In addition to the Fall and Spring Terms, Georgia Tech offers an abbreviated Summer Term. The summer class periods are adjusted to accommodate the 750 minutes of class time required to equal 1 semester credit hour.

Important note about Summer terms

A minimum of 12 hours is required to be considered a full-time student for all terms, including Summer terms.

Tuition Classification

Quarter to Semester Hours Conversion

The conversion is 2/3.

For example, a 5-hours quarter course equals 3.33 hours in semester credit.