Time Ticket Distribution Schedule

Time Ticket Distribution for Phase 1 Spring 2023          
Day Date Start Time New/Continuing Group Release Method
Mon 7-Nov 7:00am Cont. and Readmit AA  All
Mon 7-Nov 8:00am Cont. and Readmit Veterans All
Mon 7-Nov 9:00am Cont. and Readmit Disability Services All
Mon 7-Nov 10:00am Cont. and Readmit ROTC All
Mon 7-Nov 10:00am Continuing Grads OMSCS -- 27+
Mon 7-Nov 11:00am Continuing Seniors 120 and above
Mon 7-Nov 11:45am Continuing Seniors 115 to 119
Mon 7-Nov 12:30pm Continuing Seniors 110 to 114
Mon 7-Nov 1:15pm Continuing Seniors 105 to 109
Mon 7-Nov 2:00pm Continuing Seniors 100 to 104
Mon 7-Nov 2:45pm Continuing Seniors 95 to 99
Mon 7-Nov 3:30pm Continuing Seniors 90 to 94
Tues 8-Nov 8:00am Continuing Juniors 85 to 89
Tues 8-Nov 9:00am Continuing Juniors 80 to 84
Tues 8-Nov 10:00am Continuing Grads OMSCS -- 24 to 26
Tues 8-Nov Noon Continuing Juniors 75 to 79
Tues 8-Nov 1:00pm Continuing Juniors 70 to 74
Tues 8-Nov 2:00pm Continuing Juniors 65 to 69
Tues 8-Nov 3:00pm Continuing Juniors 60 to 64
Wed  9-Nov 8:00am Continuing Sophomores 50 to 59
Wed  9-Nov 10:00am Continuing Grads OMSCS -- 21 to 23
Wed  9-Nov Noon Continuing Sophomores 40 to 49
Wed  9-Nov 3:00pm Continuing Sophomores 30 to 39
Thurs  10-Nov 8:00am Continuing Freshmen  20 to 29
Thurs  10-Nov 8:30am Continuing Grads  OMS Analytics and Cyber -- 25+ 
Thurs  10-Nov 9:00am Continuing Grads  OMS Analytics and Cyber -- 13 to 24 and special non-degree Analytics and Cyber campus O
Thurs  10-Nov 9:30am Continuing Grads  OMS Analytics and Cyber -- 0 to 12
Thurs  10-Nov Noon Continuing Freshmen  10 to 19
Thurs  10-Nov 10:00am Continuing Grads OMSCS -- 18 to 20
Thurs  10-Nov 2:00pm Continuing Freshmen  0 to 9
Thurs  10-Nov 3:00pm New 202302/Continuing 202208 Readmission All except OMSCS, OMS Analtyics, and OMS Cyber
Fri 11-Nov 9:00am Continuing Grads 50+
Fri 11-Nov 10:00am Continuing Grads 37 to 49
Fri 11-Nov 10:00am Continuing Grads  OMSCS -- 15 to 17 and special non-degree CS campus O
Fri 11-Nov 11:00am Continuing Grads 25 to 36
Fri 11-Nov Noon Continuing Grads 13 to 24
Fri 11-Nov 1:00pm Continuing Grads 0 to 12 
Fri 11-Nov 2:30pm Continuing Special, Transient All
Mon 14-Nov 10:00am Continuing Grads OMSCS --12 to 14
Tues 15-Nov 10:00am Continuing Grads OMSCS --9 to 11
Wed  16-Nov 10:00am Continuing Grads OMSCS  6 to 8
Thurs  17-Nov 10:00am Continuing Grads OMSCS -- 3 to 5
Fri 18-Nov 10:00am Continuing Grads OMSCS --0 to 2
Tickets posted on Thursday, November 3th before close of business  
Phase I Time tickets end on Friday, December 16th @ 4:00PM ET.          


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