Student Contact Verification

A New Process for Ensuring Student Contact Information is Up-to-Date

In order for the Institute to have current contact information on enrolled students, a process has been put into place for Fall 2017 Phase II registration. As of August 21, 2017, a hold will be placed on student records that will appear when they log into the registration system. The student will be required to verify contact information. As soon as any empty fields are filled and the information is verified, the system will automatically remove the hold and the student may continue the login process. If the student does not verify the information and enter any missing information that is required, the hold will not be removed and access to the registration system will be blocked.

Starting Fall 2017, this will be a standard process that is completed at the start of each term. The information will be required of all students registered for that term. Questions may be directed to the  Registrar’s Office at


Student Contact Agreement/Verfication in OSCAR


Figure 1: Notification to student that update is required.


Figure 2: Student's links to update addresses and phone numbers and to Student Contact Agreement/Verification.


Figure 3: View of Student Contact Agreement/Verification