Student Contact Information Verification

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Message sent to Registrar's Office distribution lists on Thurs., Oct. 5, 2017:

The Registrar's Office has now removed the holds that were recently put in place for students missing contact information.

An informational web page explains the need for the Institute to have accurate and up-to-date contact information for every student, and it describes the new process by which students are notified of the need to verify and/or input information and shows how they are guided to an online form for fulfilling the requirements.

The initial deployment of the Student Contact Information Verification process has presented challenges to students and staff, so the resulting holds have now been removed.

However, this important process will be deployed again in January 2018 (after Phase II registration has ended for Spring 2018). At that time, holds will be put in place again. Students who completed the process during the initial deployment will not be asked to complete the process again.

For the second deployment of the Student Contact Information Verification process, we are being thoughtful and deliberate when planning the process for students in specific populations such as those in online programs who are located in many places throughout the world.

Prior to the second deployment, the Registrar's Office will send out additional messages. Expect to see more information about Student Contact Information Verification in the coming months.

Key facts:

  • It is necessary for the Institute to have a process for collecting and verifying student contact information.
  • Holds that were put in place during the initial deployment have now been removed.
  • A web page provides information about the Student Contact Information Verification process.
  • The process will be deployed again in January 2018 (after Phase II registration ends). More information will be communicated throughout the Institute prior to re-deployment.
  • Students who have already completed the process will not be required to do so again.
  • The best way to collect and verify online students' information is being thoughtfully determined.


A New Process for Ensuring Student Contact Information is Up-to-Date


In order for the Institute to have current contact information on enrolled students, a process has been put into place for Fall 2017 Phase II registration. On August 21, 2017, a hold was be placed on student records that appeared when they logged into the registration system. The student was required to verify contact information. As soon as any empty fields were filled and the information was verified, the system automatically removed the hold and the student could continue the login process. If the student did not verify the information and enter any missing information that was required, the hold would not be removed and access to the registration system would be blocked.

Starting Fall 2017, this will be a standard process that is completed at the start of each term. The information will be required of all students registered for that term. Questions may be directed to the  Registrar’s Office at


Student Contact Agreement/Verfication in OSCAR


Figure 1: Notification to student that update is required.


Figure 2: Student's links to update addresses and phone numbers and to Student Contact Agreement/Verification.


Figure 3: View of Student Contact Agreement/Verification