Online Application for Graduation (OAG) for Undergraduate Students

Before Applying

Make sure all program information is up-to-date, including major(s) as well as any minors or concentrations you may be pursuing. For more information, and the form needed to officially change your program on record, please visit the following:

After Applying

After your application is submitted, Degree Certification will conduct two audits on your application, while working and communicating with your advisor. Below is a breakdown of the timing of the two audits:

  • First Audit - began 1-2 weeks after Phase II closes, and completed mid-semester (NOTE: if after this Audit, there are deficiencies on your status that cannot be resolved with final grades (such as Low GPA), then you will be inactivated as a degree candidate, and required to apply again for the next semester)
  • Inactivation Date - approximately one month before Commencement
  • Final Audit - Tuesday following Commencement
  • Degrees Awarded - Thursday following Commencement

To view your degree status, login to DegreeWorks. Near the top of your audit, under a section titled "Student View," you will see a field "Graduation Status." The text that appears in that field is your current degree status.


Graduation status

Please remember that your status will change throughout the semester, depending on updates, grade and registration changes, etc. Always check your status periodically, and connect with your advisor if there are any questions. Additionally, it is wise to look at the bottom of your audit, in case there are any notes placed on by your advisor or Degree Certification.

How to Apply

In order to graduate from Georgia Tech, a student must first submit an application for graduation. The following video is a guide to show students how to apply for graduation.

The following video shows how to change a major or declare a concentration.

How to submit an Online Application for Graduation (OAG)