Leave of Absence, Application to Request

Application Deadlines: 

Fall: July 1

Spring: December 1

Summer: April 1

The Leave of Absence policy does not supersede any other policy. For example, students who need to withdraw or petition to withdraw from a given term must follow that procedure. Students who are ineligible to return to Georgia Tech may not seek a Leave of Absence as a way to address that status.

Complete the document with all required information:

  • Your current major advisor or department coordinator must approve the document first. You must identify this person in the "Approver at School or College" recipient fields.
  • Search the DocuSign Address Book (gray icon in recipient field) to find the correct @gatech.edu format email addresses for the intended recipient. Click SEND after choosing the intended recipient.
  • Complete the form with the required information. Be sure to correctly state the term(s) for which leave is requested and the anticipated term for your return.
  • Use the file attachment field to provide supplemental documentation regarding your reason for requesting a leave of absence.
  • Sign the form and select FINISH. This will automatically route the form to the person you identified as your major advisor or department coordinator.
  • In your DocuSign account, you can follow the forms progress through the approval workflow or void the form at a later date.
  • Please allow 7-14 business days for a review of your application by the Dean of Students and Registrar's Office.
  • Contact the Registrar's Office if you need assistance completing the form.

Important information for any student taking a leave of absence:

  • You will have no access to campus facilities or service during the leave of absence period.
  • You are advised to make arrangements for health care coverage during the leave of absence period.
  • Students on an F1 or J1 visa should notify OIE of their intention to apply for a Leave of Absence immediately to discuss the correct process to exit the United States and plan for a return. 

Updated October 2020