Institute Approved Absences (IAA) Web App for Faculty and Staff

This site facilitates the process by which recognized student groups may request excused absences.

There are no formal institutional regulations regarding class attendance. All students are responsible for obtaining an understanding of each instructor's policy regarding absences. Although it is recognized that occasionally it may be necessary for students to be absent from scheduled classes or laboratories for personal reasons, students are responsible for all material covered in their absences, and they are responsible for the academic consequences of their absences. Work missed may be made up if the reasons for absences are acceptable to the instructors. Students who are absent because of participation in approved Institute activities (such as field trips and athletic events) will be permitted to make up the work missed during their absences.

Before you begin the process of requesting Institute Approved Absences, you will need:

  • A list of the participating students' GTID numbers that can be copied into the site.
  • An emergency contact document that provides contact information: the name and phone number of an emergency contact person for each participating student. This document may be in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, or plain text format.