Hometown Newspaper

Students that would like their hometown newspaper to receive notification for any term that they receive Dean's List or Faculty Honors, should do the following:

  • Log into BuzzPort
  • On the Home tab locate the "Registration and Student Services" channel
  • Select the "Registration - OSCAR" link
  • Select "Personal Information"
  • Click on "Update Addresses and Phone(s)"
  • Select the "Hometown Newspaper" from the address type drop down list
  • Enter a "Valid From" date (just put today's date)
  • Enter "Ok to Send" on address line one
  • Enter hometown name in the "City" field
  • Enter a State Code
  • Enter your Zip Code
  • Click the SAVE button

Students can delete this address at any time if they decide that they do not wish to have this information sent to their hometown newspaper. The newspaper to which the information will be sent is based on the zip code that has been entered into the address field. Entry of this information does not obligate a newspaper to print this information. Many papers print this type of information on a "space available" basis. Once this address type has been entered, it is not necessary to enter the information again unless changes need to be made to the address.