Departments may place a hold on a student's account at any time, including during the registration process.

Many campus departments have the ability to place registration and/or transcript holds on students. A registration hold will prevent a student from adding/removing courses, dropping courses, and withdrawing from school. A transcript hold will prevent the aforementioned as well as the release of the student's official academic records, including transcripts, degree verifications, and certifications of enrollment. Georgia Tech does not release “unofficial” academic records. A transcript hold is usually placed when a student has a financial obligation to the Institute. The department that places the hold must also remove the hold.

Viewing holds:

  • Log into BuzzPort
  • On the Home tab locate the "REGISTRATION AND STUDENT SERVICES" channel
  • Select the "Registration - OSCAR" link
  • Select the "Registration" tab 
  • Select the "Prepare for Registration" tile
  • Select the correct term in the drop-down menu.  Hit "Continue" 
  • Review the "Registration Status" tab to find any active holds