Grade Point Average Calculation

A student who passes a course receives both the designated number of credit hours and a number of quality points, calculated by multiplying the course credit hours and the numerical equivalent of the letter grade received (A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1). Thus, a student taking a three-hour credit course and earning a grade of C receives six quality points. To determine the undergraduate academic average, the total number of quality points earned by the student for all courses scheduled as an undergraduate is divided by the total number of credit hours scheduled; for the graduate academic average, only those courses scheduled by the student while enrolled in the graduate division are considered. If a student takes the same course more than once, the latter grade does not replace the earlier one; rather, the academic average includes both grades with the exception of grades changed via the grade substitution policy. Courses taken pass/fail or audit are not included in the calculation of the student's grade point average. Grade point averages are truncated after two decimal places.

Catalog: Grades/Average


CourseCredit HoursBasisGradeQuality Points
MATH 15014L/GB12 (4 hours X 3)
ENGL 11013L/GA12 (3 hours X 4)
FREN 10013P/FS0 (pass/fail course is not included in GPA)
PSYC 1001L/GA4 (1 hour X 4)
 28 Total Quality Points

In this case the GPA calculation is 3.5. 
28 quality points divided by 8 credit hours. 
(11 hours - 3 hours P/F).

Authoritative information about grades and grade point averages is published in the Catalog.

Catalog: Rules & Regulations V

Regarding transfer credit and GPA calculation

Georgia Tech accepts transfer credit. Only the course credits that are acceptable transfer. Transfer credit/grades are not used in calculating the Georgia Tech GPA. Regardless of programs or transfer agreements with other institutions, grades are not transferred and do not apply toward the Georgia Tech GPA.

Transfer Credit Information