General Education Mission Statement

General Education (Core Curriculum) at the Georgia Institute of Technology is essential to the development of our extraordinary students beyond the deeply rigorous technical and applied education they receive.

General Education at Georgia Tech is designed to produce students who are:

  • Mathematically, scientifically, and technically competent;
  • Competent in information research;
  • Literate in reading, writing, and presenting; and
  • Literate in the use of technology.

Georgia Tech General Education is also designed to produce students who are able to:

  • Think critically and
  • Effectively collaborate with others.

Additionally, it strives to:

  • Enhance students' awareness of scientific values and ethics;
  • Enable them to articulate their personal and social values and how these values are shaped by the world around them;
  • Encourage them to examine individual and social behaviors; and
  • Develop their ability to effectively work in group settings.

General Education at Georgia Tech seeks to develop students who have an appreciation for technology, society, and their interaction and to produce students who will utilize these talents to substantially impact the future as leaders and lifelong learners.