Designated Unit Requesters for Banner/GTAAD Accounts

Following is the most recent list of department representatives who can request Banner/GTAAD accounts. In most cases, each representative can only request accounts for the people in their campus unit.

Unit Name Email Address
Aerospace Engineering Joseph Oefelein
Aerospace Engineering Adam Steinberg
Applied Physiology Erica Edwards
Biology Benita Black
Biomedical Engineering Paul Benkeser
Bursar's Office Gloria Kobus
Bursars Office Robert Sullivan
Campus Recreation Center Mike Edwards
Campus Services Karla Gibson
Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics & Computing (CEISMC) Nina Climes
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Ami Wller-Ivanecky
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Victor Breedveld
Chemistry David Collard
Civil & Env Engineering Donald Webster
College of Design Russell Gentry
College of Engineering Mitchell Walker
College of Sciences Dian Chung
Computing Daurette Joseph
Coop, Undergraduate Scott Green
Electrical & Computer Engr Mary Ann Weitnauer
Electrical and Computer Engineering Douglas Williams
Graduate Studies Marla Bruner
Graduate Studies Alan Glass
GTPD Carla G. Cook
GTPE Gretchen Belgum
History, Technology & Society Amy Dunger
Housing Aftab Khan
Housing Marlow Taylor
Industrial and Systems Engineering Harry Sharp
Institutional Research and Planning Sandra Bramblett
International Affairs Vince Pedicino
International Programs Amy Bass Henry
International Programs Lorie Paulez
Library Karen Glover
Literature, Media, and Communication Richard Utz
Management Craig Womack
Mathematics Klara Grodzinksy
Mathematics Neha Gupta
Mechanical Engineering Bert Bras
Military Science Tina Lambert
Modern Languages David Shook
MSE Dracy Blackwell
OMED Gordon Moore
Physics David Ballantyne
Physics Nicole Thompson
Psychology Tansu Celikel
Public Policy Cassigy Sugimoto
Registrar Mark Gravitt
Scholarships and Financial Aid Cheri Bernard-Alford
Scholarships and Financial Aid Lisa Serena Berrien
Scholarships and Financial Aid Marie Mons
Student Health Center Eric Farmer
Student Life Dale Myers
Student Life Kamau Brown
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