Cross-Registration Information for Georgia Tech Students Attending Other ARCHE Institutions

Eligibility Requirements for Georgia Tech Students Attending Other ARCHE Institutions

  • Junior, Senior, or Graduate student level
  • Good academic standing
  • A minimum of 3 billable credit hours is required at Georgia Tech the term of cross registration. Registration at Georgia Tech should take place before a student submits an ARCHE application.
  • The requested course(s) must not be available at Georgia Tech that semester
  • Clear of any holds at the time of application submission
  • Pre-registration during Phase I registration is required prior to application submission

Application Deadlines for Georgia Tech Students Attending Other ARCHE Institutions

Completed applications must be submitted via Georgia Tech's ARCHE portal. Please keep in mind you must submit your application by Georgia Tech's deadline, which may be before ARCHE deadlines. Deadlines are printed in the Academic Calendar. ARCHE deadlines for application submission are for the cross-registration coordinator to forward all approved cross-registration applications to the host institutions:

  • Spring 2024 Semester
    • November 15, 2023
  • Summer 2024 Semester
    • April 15, 2024
  • Fall 2023 Semester
    • July 15, 2023

Immunization Requirements for Georgia Tech Students Attending Other ARCHE Institutions

If you have never attended the following institutions, you are required to submit immunization documents:

  • Agnes Scott College
  • Oglethorpe University
  • Brenau University
  • Clayton State University
  • Georgia State University
  • University of West Georgia
  • Kennesaw State University

For Georgia Tech students attending Emory University...

For Georgia Tech students intending to attend Emory University through cross-registration, there is a specific cover letter that must be attached to the student's application.

Emory Cross-Registration Cover Sheet  +  ARCHE Cross-Registration Application

Procedures for Georgia Tech Students Attending Other ARCHE Institutions

  • Complete the ARCHE Cross-Registration Application via the portal, including classes with alternate sections you are requesting ARCHE Cross-Registration Application
  • Your academic advisor must approve the application within the Portal link (via the email you have sent them).
  • Your advisor will submit the completed application via the ARCHE Portal.
  • The Georgia Tech cross-registration coordinator will send email confirmation that the application has approval and has been sent to the host institution, or they will send email instructions if there are issues that prevent sending the application to the host institution.
  • The host institution will notify the student if there is additional documentation required for immunization records and/or lawful presence.
  • Once registration holds are clear and the host institution's regular students have been given a chance to register, cross-registration class requests will be accommodated based on seat availability.
  • The host institution will email confirmation of registration or explanation why the application has been denied.
  • At the end of the semester, an official transcript will automatically be sent to Georgia Tech as long as there are no holds on the student's record at the host institution.

Policies for Georgia Tech Students Attending Other ARCHE Institutions

  • Student record holds at Georgia Tech or the host institution will delay or prevent completion of the cross-registration process. Applications will be denied if holds have not been removed by the last day of Phase II registration for the semester/term.
  • Cross-registration participants are not allowed to pre-register at the host school. Course availability is granted on a space available basis. Applicants should have an alternative course of action in the event that the cross-registration application is denied. Confirmation of acceptance and registration, or denial, will be emailed to the applicant.
  • Georgia Tech students who cross-register with other ARCHE institutions will have a placeholder course added to their Georgia Tech schedules designating their enrollment. The placeholder course will carry an Audit grade mode and will be registered for tuition and, fee assessment, and other departmental use. Students may register for a maximum of two (2) courses per accademic term at a host institution. Students in the joint program with Georgia State University may request an exception.
  • Tuition and mandatory student fees are paid directly to Georgia Tech. Additional course /lab fees, parking, and voluntary expenses are paid to the host institution.
  • Participants must abide by the drop/add and withdrawal deadlines assigned by both Georgia Tech and the host institution.
  • Cross-registration course work will be handled as transfer credit and will not impact the Georgia Tech grade point average (GPA).
  • Course work completed through cross-registration will be considered resident credit for the purpose of satisfying the 36 hour residency rule.
  • Credit for course work completed through cross-registration will be evaluated based on Georgia Tech's transfer equivalency table and published standard transfer policies. Please review Georgia Tech's equivalency table for pre-approved classes. Transfer Equivalency Tables
  • If courses are not pre-approved, it is the student's responsibility to request an evaluation from the appropriate department. Documentation for evaluation of cross-registered course work may be submitted through the Transfer Credit website. Transfer Credit
  • Graduate level courses are typically not listed in Georgia Tech's equivalency table. Information regarding graduate students seeking transfer credit can be found in the Georgia Tech Catalog.
  • For further assistance with transfer credit, please contact the Georgia Tech Transfer Credit department.
  • Each school's academic calendar is different. Georgia Tech cannot guarantee it will receive your transcript from your host institution by Georgia Tech's academic deadlines, especially if this is your last semester before graduating or if you need the grade for financial aid purposes.

Forms for Georgia Tech Students Attending Other ARCHE Institutions

The ARCHE cross-registration application must be completed and submitted to the Georgia Tech Registrar's Office for each semester a student would like to take classes at a participating host institution.

Cross-Registration Application

For any Georgia Tech student who would like to cross-register at Emory, the cover sheet below must be signed, dated, and included with the cross-registration application submitted to the Registrar's Office. Please be aware that Emory does not participate in cross-registration during the summer semesters.

Emory Cross-Registration Cover Sheet