Add the "Confidential" Indicator to Your Student Record

Checking the "Confidential" Indicator option of this form will result in the following:

  • No information will be released to anyone without a written release.
    • For example, prospective employers who telephone to confirm your degree will be told that information cannot be released for this person. They will be required to submit, to the Registrar's Office, a written release that you have signed in order to receive any information.
  • No information will print in the on-line look-up (lu) or in the printed copy of the Campus Directory.
  • Your name will not appear in the Commencement Bulletin when you graduate.
  • Any Georgia Tech employee who has legitimate access to view your academic record will be given a visual reminder that your records are "confidential" each time your record is viewed.
  • Your records will remain confidential until you notify the Registrar's Office that you wish to remove the "Confidential" flag, by completing a rescind form.
  • Records become confidential on the date the signed request is received in the Registrar's Office and processed. Prior instances where the student's information was published will be updated, when possible, and where possible, at the request of the student.

A signed, completed form or written request can be submitted to the Registrar's Office in room 104 of the Tech Tower, faxed to 404-894-0167, or mailed to:

Georgia Institute of Technology 
Office of the Registrar 
Student Records 
Atlanta GA 30332-0315