Common Registration Error Messages

Below is a list of error messages that you may receive on the Add/Drop screen of the Web Student Access System.

CAMPUS RESTRICTIONThe course being requested is on a campus other than the campus associated with the student for the registration term.Registrar
CLASS RESTRICTIONEnrollment in this course is restricted by class (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.). You can ask for a class restriction permit.Department
CLOSED SECTIONThe class is full. You need to ask for an overload.Department
CLOSED - WAITLIST FULLNo regular or waitlist seats availableDepartment
CLOSED - # WAITLISTEDNo regular seats available, Waitlist seats availableRegistrar
COHORT RESTRICTIONEnrollment in the course is restricted to a particular cohort of students. You will need to contact the department offering the course for additional information.Department
COLLEGE RESTRICTIONThe course is being held for students within a specific collegeDepartment
CORQ_COURSE_XXXX REQCo-requisites courses must be taken at the same time. You need to register for both courses on the same commit.Department
DUPL CRSE WITH SEC-XXXXXThe computer system looks at subject code (ie. MATH, ENGL, etc.) and course number (2501, 1502, etc.), but not section number. If you are trying to take 2 courses with the same subject code and course number, such as MGT 4803 A and MGT 4803 B, you need a duplicate course permit.Department
(Undergrad Students)
Undergraduate Students Who Wish to take a Graduate Level Course 
An undergraduate student may take a graduate level course with the permission of the department teaching the course, a minimum GPA of 2.7, and be classified as a senior. The student must have the department of instruction enter a permit on their account, and then the student should contact the Registrar's Office to request a LEVEL permit. The Registrar's Office can be contacted at, or in room 104 of the Tech Tower. The email should include the student's full name, gtID#, and the course and CRN for which they are trying to register. Once the Registrar's Office has issued the LEVEL permit, they will instruct the student to register for the course. For information about using the credit toward a degree please, see the Graduate Course Option section of the catalog.
& Registrar
(Grad Students)
Graduate Students Who Wish to take a 1000/2000 Level Course 
Graduate students who wish to take a 1000 or 2000 level course must obtain a permit from the department teaching the course. The student must have the department of instruction enter a permit on their account, and then come to the Registrar's Office in room 104 of the Tech Tower to have the course added to their schedule. Institute policy allows graduate students to take a 1000 or 2000 level course on a pass/fail or audit basis only.
& Registrar
Lectures and labs are "linked" together. You must register for both the lecture and lab in the same commit. Most departments list the lecture section as a single letter and the lab as the same letter followed by a number (Example: the lecture is section "A" and the corresponding lab sections are "A1", "A2", etc).Department
MAJOR RESTRICTIONOnly students in certain majors are allowed to register for this course.Department
MAXIMUM HOURS EXCEEDEDReduce the number of hours on your schedule. See Maximum Hours.Registrar
OPEN - RESERVED FOR WAIT LISTSeats are available, but held for WaitlistRegistrar
OPEN - WAITLIST FILLEDRegular seats available, but no seats on WaitlistRegistrar
OPEN - # CROSSLIST WAITLISTEDCrosslist seats available, but Waitlist existsRegistrar
OPEN - # WAITLISTEDRegular seats available, but Waitlist existsRegistrar
PERMIT REQUIREDEnrollment in the course is restricted. You need to ask for a permit.Department
PHYSICAL LOCATIONTo comply with federal regulations, we need to know where our students are physically located while enrolled. When it is necessary, the registration system will prompt the student to click on a menu item in OSCAR and choose from a drop-down menu the state in which they will be located when taking classes for that term. The registration system will automatically remove the hold when the state information is selected and saved.Registrar
PREQ & TEST SCORE-ERRORPre-requisites are required for the course. You can talk to the department about a pre-requisite override permit.Department
PROGRAM RESTRICTIONOnly students in certain programs are allowed to register for this course.Department
RESERVE CLOSEDNo Reserved seats available, no Waitlist existsDepartment
RESERVE CLOSED - WAITLIST FULLNo Reserved or Waitlist seats availableDepartment
RESERVE CLOSED - # ON WAITLISTNo Reserved seats available, Waitlist existsRegistrar
RESERVE OPEN - WAITLIST FILLEDReserved seats available, but no seats on WaitlistDepartment
RESERVE OPEN - # ON WAITLISTReserved seats available, but Waitlist existsRegistrar
TIME CONFLICT WITH XXXXXCourses meet at the same time or have overlapping times.Department
WAITLIST NOTIFICATION EXPIRED ON MM/DD/YYYY HH:MMRegular seats available, but Waitlist notification expiredRegistrar