Buildings and Class Locations List

A list of buildings and class locations used by the Registrar's Office for academic scheduling. This list has been specially formatted, displaying two capacities per classroom.

The first (larger) value is the room’s normal enrollment capacity and represents the maximum enrollment capacity for summer 2021 hybrid courses, summer 2021 events where the socially distanced capacity is blacked out, and all fall 2021 courses.

The second (smaller) value is the room’s adjusted enrollment capacity which accounts for social distancing. This value represents the maximum enrollment capacity for courses being offered in a residential mode as well as the maximum number of students who can attend in person per session for courses being offered in hybrid mode in summer 2021. This value does not apply to fall 2021 courses. This value only applies to summer 2021 events in rooms that are hosting summer courses. If the room is not hosting academic courses in summer 2021, the room will revert to it’s regular capacity in advance of fall 2021, noted by blacked out values.

In addition to capacities, an additional column has been added to represent the type of remote technology with which each classroom is equipped by AV Services. Each room listed has at minimum the following equipment: Resident PC, Document Camera, Laptop HDMI Connection, and:

Frugal Solution
Teaching station mounted webcam, puck mic on teaching station, and Document Camera USB connection to Resident PC.

Integrated Solution
Room mounted PTZ camera, either ceiling mics or wireless mics, and Document Camera USB connection to Resident PC.

DLPE Solution
Distancing Learning System operated by GTPE. DLPE rooms are also equipped with either the Frugal Solution or Integrated Solution for self-service in non-DL courses.

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