Frequently Asked Questions about the Grade Substitution Policy

Grade Substitution Policy

1. How does this policy differ from the old one?

The policy that was effective Summer 2005 through Spring 2019 was a freshman grade substitution policy that applied only to students admitted as freshmen. It allowed them to repeat within their first four terms up to two courses in which they had earned grades of D or F in their freshman year and have only the most current grade included in their GPA. The full policy is in the 2018-2019 Catalog. What is different about the new policy is that grade substitution is now open to all students.

2. When does the new policy take effect?

It takes effect starting with the Summer 2019 term under the 2019-2020 Catalog.

3. Is the policy retroactive?

No, the policy is not retroactive. The D or F grade to be retaken must have been earned in a course taken during or after the Summer 2019 session. The new policy does not apply to courses taken prior to Summer 2019.

4. Does this mean that a student who used grade substitution under the old policy may now take two more courses and apply the new policy?

No, if a student has already used grade substitutions under the previous policy, they will count towards the maximum number under the new policy. The new policy allows all students to use grade substitution for up to two classes. So if a student already used two grade substitutions under the old policy, the student cannot request further grade substitutions.

5. What if a student used only one grade substitution under the old policy?

The student would still have one grade substitution available under the new policy.

6. Do the rules change for a freshman who started in Tech in the 2018-2019 academic year? Can they still retake the course anytime in their first four academic terms, or does the one calendar year limit from the new policy apply?

The policy is not retroactive. The new rules apply to courses taken in Summer 2019 or in future terms. Students admitted as freshmen in Summer or Fall 2018 will follow the old policy and must retake the courses in which they earned grades of D or F in their first four terms. However, students admitted Summer or Fall 2018 might wish to consider whether it is in their best interest to apply for grade substitution under the old policy for courses taken in the first two terms, or “save” their two options for any courses that they will take in Summer 2019 or later.

7. Are exceptions to the grade substitution policy possible?

The grade substitution policy (including, but not limited to, course eligibility, number of courses, time limits, and deadlines) is not subject to exceptions.

8. Can the grade substitution policy be petitioned to the Undergraduate Institute Curriculum Committee?

The grade substitution policy may not be petitioned to the Undergraduate Institute Curriculum Committee.