Course Delivery Methods for Fall 2020

This information is now out-of-date. It exists solely for archival purposes.

Published July 20, 2020  
Edited August 7, 2020

All courses for the Fall 2020 semester have an assigned course attribute which indicates how content will be delivered. The attributes assigned serve as a general basis for delivery modes, but do not include specific information for individual courses. Students will need to contact the department of instruction on specific course delivery as the Registrar’s Office is not equipped with that information.

As part of the fall plan, each course and section will be designated as residential (in-person with physical distancing), hybrid with limited in-person attendance, or remote. The majority of courses will have some in-person attendance. The health and safety of our students and faculty are our top priority in setting all class modes. An important part of that is allowing for safe physical distancing in the classrooms where these courses are held. We are still working through some final details of each available classroom to ensure physical distancing can be maintained consistently, so class locations are still being finalized. They will be shared in early August ahead of the first day of classes.

You may review live, up-to-date delivery mode information for Fall 2020 courses directly in OSCAR. Delivery mode may be subject to change at any time.

Schedule of Classes


“RESD” [Residential Course] –   
Courses that will meet fully in the classroom with physical distancing measures in place.

“HYBR” [Hybrid Course] –   
Courses offered via a combination of remote delivery and in-person classroom time with physical distancing measures in place. Hybrid methods are set by each department. Students needing further information should contact the teaching department.

“SYNC” [Remote Synchronous Course] -   
Courses that are completely remote and delivered online at the assigned meeting time listed in Oscar.

“ASYN” [Remote Asynchronous Course] -   
Courses that are completely remote and delivered online, but without a designated meeting time. Course instructors will provide more detail.

In addition to attributes, courses will carry instructional method codes indicating how they are being offered non-traditionally. Hybrid courses (HYBR) will be coded as “P” – Partially at a Distance and remote courses (SYNC and ASYN) will be coded as “F” – Fully at a Distance. While Residential courses (RESD) will be offered traditionally, they will carry a generic instructional method code in Fall 2020, "T" - Technology Enhanced.

For instructions on how to view course attributes in Oscar, see Registration Videos.