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Monday, November 20th 2017
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Verification of Participation
Instructions and Information for Instructional Faculty

The purpose of the Verification of Participation process at the beginning of each academic term is to enhance our compliance procedures for federal Financial Aid Title IV regulations. Current GT processes are already in place that address review of student records at the end of the term where grades of F or W have been reported. This new, beginning of term, process is intended to broaden efforts to verify that students who are registered for classes are participating in those classes.

What constitutes "participation" in a class?

  • Attending the class
  • Handing in homework
  • Taking a quiz or exam
  • Posting information or accessing information on a website
  • Posting blog entries or comments in a chat room
  • Participation in group projects
  • Any other activity that demonstrates engagement in the course

Please note the following for accessing and reporting participation information utilizing the new website that has been built for this purpose.

The follow examples are provided to help guide you through the process.

Georgia Tech Login Page screenshot

Once you have logged in, you will see the list of all available courses for that term for which you are asked to verify participation.

Georgia Tech Verification of Participation Page screenshoot

You will select the course you wish to report (as you do when entering grades into OSCAR). Once a course is selected, the class roster for that course will appear. This screen includes the student's gtID#, the student's name, and a checkbox for indicating failure to participate. The user has two options:

  • Select the student(s) that failed to participate in the course, or
  • Click the "Confirm Entire Class Participation" to acknowledge that "all students" participated in the course.

Georgia Tech Intro Physics 2211 Page screenshoot

After indicating the student's participation status, the following screen displays a confirmation page. You can then go back to the class list if you are teaching more than one class.

Your assistance with reporting this information to enhance our Federal Title IV compliance process is very much appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Reta Pikowsky (reta.pikowsky@registrar.gatech.edu)
Marie Mons (marie.mons@finaid.gatech.edu)

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