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Friday, November 24th 2017
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Information for Parents/Guardians

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. As such, the Georgia Institute of Technology does not release information (other than "Directory Information") to anyone without the written consent of the student. For further information regarding FERPA, please see the Registrar's Office FERPA webpage.

As a parent/guardian, you need to know the following information regarding student records at Georgia Tech:

  1. Georgia Tech does not mail grade reports. Students may check their term grades as well as their entire transcript on the web. Students have the ability to order transcripts on the web. Your student can have a copy sent directly to you.
  2. Professors, advisors, Registrar employees, etc. are not at liberty to discuss grades or academic standing with you. We can speak in generalities and explain Institute policy but not comment on individual records without consent.
  3. Often you need certification of enrollment for health insurance coverage, military identification cards, jury duty, etc. If you need such a document, students may request these through the OSCAR self service system. The instructions can be found at www.registrar.gatech.edu/students/formlanding/enrollverification.php. Documentation of enrollment and GPA for items such as good student discounts for car insurance should be given to the student who will in turn submit it to the Registrar's Office. If the document already has the student's signature, you can forward it directly to the Registrar's Office. The turn around time for such documents is generally 3 business days with the exception of the week of Phase 2 registration. No certifications will be provided for any term until all registration for the term is complete. Certification is based on enrollment as of the certification print date. Any student who has dropped a course(s) and has less than 12 hours on his/her current schedule cannot be certified as FULL-TIME.
  4. Students are reminded to check their schedules for errors both during registration and after the last day to withdraw from a course during the term. You might want to encourage your student to do so as well. Printing a copy of the schedule as of the end of registration is always a good idea.
  5. Students have the ability to enter "Emergency Contact" information on the web. This information is only to be used by the Dean of Students Office or Campus Police in case of dire emergency. Encourage your student to complete this information.
  6. Students are required to check their official GT e-mail address each school day. Students are also required to make certain that their address in the computer system is correct. Please bear in mind that students have the ability to enter any address they choose in the computer as their permanent address, local address, billing address, etc. Changes can only be made by the student.
  7. If your student participates in a Studies Abroad Program, it is a good practice to have either power of attorney or a letter signed by the student granting you access to academic records.
  8. Students who wish to have their hometown newspaper receive notification of Deans List or Faculty Honors can find information on our Deans List/Faculty Honors page.
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