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Permit/Overload Departmental Contacts

Below is a list of error messages that you may receive on the Add/Drop screen of the WEB Student Access System.

Level Restrictions

Level Restrictions for Undergraduate Students

An undergraduate student may take a graduate level course with the permission of the department teaching the course, a minimum GPA of 2.7, and be classified as a senior. The student must have the department of instruction enter a permit on their account, and then the student should contact the Registrar’s Office to request a LEVEL permit. The Registrar’s Office can be contacted at

Permit/Overload Information

Permits and overloads are issued by the departments teaching the course. Some departments are using the on-line permit/overload request system on OSCAR. To apply for a permit or overload on-line, see the directions below. If the department is not listed on the on-line system, they may be using the waitlist function. Below, there is a link to instructions for identifying course sections that offer a waitlist option. If the department or course is not listed, then contact the department directly.

Maximum Number of Credit Hours when Registering

Requests for schedule overloads must be recommended by the student's major school and approved by the Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, by the petition process. Students who are enrolling at other institutions during the Summer term are expected to abide by this rule and petition for exceptions as needed. It is expected that a student's total enrolled hours for Summer would not exceed 16, without permission, regardless of whether the student is enrolled at Tech only or in a combination of hours at Tech and another institution.


Departments may place a hold on a student's account at any time, including during the registration process.