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Online Application for Graduation (OAG) for Undergraduate Students

Before Applying

Make sure all program information is up-to-date, including major(s) as well as any minors or concentrations you may be pursuing. For more information, and the form needed to officially change your program on record, please visit the following:

Instructions for Submitting the Online Application for Graduation (OAG)

In order to graduate from Georgia Tech, a student must first submit an application for graduation. This video tutorial shows how to use the Online Application for Graduation (OAG).

Graduation Status Guide

Student View Advisor View Definition of Status
Deficient Core Block DFC Student has a deficiency located in the Core Block of their DegreeWorks audit - see DegreeWorks

Degree Certification Process

Students are expected to apply to graduate the semester before they wish to graduate. Georgia Tech now employs the Online Application for Graduation (OAG) for all its students, both undergraduate and graduate, and students can login to OSCAR to submit their application. Restrictions do apply, and students are advised to read the following information carefully before applying.


OAG Windows

The OAG is only open during set times for each semester’s graduation 

Tentative dates for each semester’s OAG window are as follows:


Fall Graduation: