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Honor Cords

Our office is happy to serve our most distinguished students as they prepare to celebrate Commencement.

Honor Cord Distribution

To collect your honor cord prior to the Commencement ceremony, come to the Tech Tower Lobby (first floor) between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. starting December 6th, 2021. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines and wear masks when picking up your cords.

Anticipated Graduation Date

When a student is accepted to Georgia Tech, an anticipated date of graduation is calculated and entered on the student's record. The date is based on a formula at the time of matriculation, and may not be correct if the student has changed his/her major, failed courses, been a co-op for additional terms, or been readmitted, etc. It is not a guarantee of graduation, nor is it based on any degree petition that has been submitted. The student may change his/her record to reflect the new date by logging into Buzzport .

Graduate Program of Study Form

The Graduate Program of Study Form acts as a petition for a degree and is due in the Registrar's Office by the deadline published on the Academic Calendar. This deadline always occurs before the term of graduation. A Program of Study Form is only required for undesignated degrees and catalog years without degree requirements in Degree Works. Please review your Degree Works to see if a Program of Study Form is required. 

Diploma Information

In order to graduate from Georgia Tech, students must first submit an Online Application for Graduation (OAG). The graduation application windows for Summer, Fall and Spring are listed on the Academic Calendar.


Forms List: Graduation and Diplomas


Academic Calendar



Online Application for Graduation (OAG) for Graduate Students

Before Applying

Make sure all program information is up-to-date. For example, if you are a PhD student, but applying for a Master's "along the way," you must officially declare the Master's program as a secondary major. For more information, and the form needed to officially update your program on record, go to the Forms page.