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Transfer Credit at the Graduate Level

A student may not apply for transfer credit until after matriculation at Georgia Tech. The courses to be transferred would typically be those appearing on the approved program of study form for the masters degree. A doctoral student normally does not request transfer credit. The rules relative to and the process for obtaining transfer of credit for graduate-level courses are published in the Catalog.

Transfer Credit at the Undergraduate Level

The basic policy regarding the acceptance of courses by transfer is to allow credit for courses completed with satisfactory grades ("C" or better) at other accredited colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, provided the courses correspond in time and content to courses offered at Georgia Tech.

Graduate Policies and Regulations

The Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee, with the approval of the Academic Faculty Senate, is responsible for establishing academic policy for the graduate programs; however, final authority rests with the Senate. This committee reserves the right to change requirements for degrees as may be appropriate. Students enrolled at the time such changes appear in the Catalog have the privilege of following either the requirements stated in the Catalog effective the semester in which they enrolled or the requirements in the Catalog that records the change.

Withdrawal and Readmission Rules

Authoritative information regarding withdrawal and readmission is published under Rules & Regulations VIII in the Catalog.