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Research Option for Undergraduate Students

The Research Option offers students the opportunity for an in-depth, long-term research experience that culminates in a final paper or thesis.

International Plan

The International Plan is a challenging undergraduate academic program aimed at developing a student's global competence within the context of their major. It is an optional degree-long program that integrates overseas experiences, language proficiency, and globally-focused coursework into any participating major at Georgia Tech. It builds on existing undergraduate degree requirements and international opportunities and is intended to be completed within the normal time frame of a four-year undergraduate degree.

Change/Addition of Undergraduate Minors

In order for a Change/Addition of Minor Form to be processed, the form must be completed by the student, signed by all appropriate offices, and submitted to the Registrar's Office in room 104 of the Tech Tower (Administration Building) or faxed to 404-894-0167.

Changes are generally made within 5 business days of submission. If Phase 2 Registration for the term has ended, changes are not made for the current term but are put into effect for the next term.

Change of Minor Form

Form for undergraduates to change and/or add a minor.


Updated Feb 2020

Online Application for Graduation (OAG) for Graduate Students

Before Applying

Make sure all program information is up-to-date. For example, if you are a PhD student, but applying for a Master's "along the way," you must officially declare the Master's program as a secondary major. For more information, and the form needed to officially update your program on record, go to the Forms page.