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Change of Major Form for Undergraduate Students

Admitted Freshmen

Admitted freshmen will not be allowed to submit a request for a change of major until after the deadline for withdrawal from classes with a W grade in the first term of their enrollment. The change would be effective for the second term of enrollment. This includes a change of major within the student's current College. For freshmen admitted for Summer, the restriction is lifted after the withdraw deadline of their second semester of enrollment. All other restrictions also apply.

Letter of Completion

Requests for Letters of Completion will not be accepted starting on April 24 to May 8, 2020 to allow time to process the final degree audit. 


Letters of Completion are for PhD students. If you need a Letter of Completion you may submit this request after the close of registration during the semester in which you have petitioned to graduate, up until the week prior to the end of the term. To obtain this letter, you must have already satisfied the following requirements:

Verification of Rank

About the Verification of Rank

The Verification of Rank indicates the student's rank in class for the Institute. Students who need their rank within their major should contact the major school.

Pre-Registration Letter

About the Pre-Registration Letter

The Pre-Registration Letter states that a student has registered for classes for a future term. It also states that an actual verification of enrollment cannot be made until after the final day of registration is completed for that term.

Verification of Overall GPA

About the Verification of Overall GPA

The Verification of Overall GPA indicates the student's current grade point average.