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Communication to the Campus Community on Spring 2020 Grading and GPA Policies

published March 20, 2020

The Spring Semester 2020 disruption in instruction and in campus functions due to the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in the need to review policies related to grading and GPA requirements so that reasonable adjustments may be made to assist students and faculty in completing work for the term.

Registrar's Office conducting all business remotely


March 17, 2020

Effective immediately the Office of the Registrar will conduct all business remotely. At the end of the week beginning today, we will reassess the situation based upon any further guidance that is offered by authorities. Please check our website periodically at registrar.gatech.edu for updates.

Questions and requests for assistance should be sent to us at:


comments@registrar.gatech.edu - General Questions, Readmission

Temporary Downtime for Student Information System, including BuzzPort, OSCAR, and DegreeWorks

Scheduled Service Maintenance for Banner Production



All of Banner Production (i.e.: Banner 9 Administrative Pages, SSB, Job Submission) and ancillary system interfaces (Global ECS interface to Banner, TouchNet, GradesFirst, Canvas, TSquare, Grade Adapter, DegreeWorks, etc.) will  be unavailable on Thursday, March 12th, between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM so that Financial Aid and Georgia Enhancement modules may be applied to the system.


Time Tickets for Undergraduate Students

All eligible students are assigned a registration time ticket. Phase I, maximum hours for undergraduates in GOOD STANDING will be set to 18 hours.


Students can view their Time Ticket information by following the directions below: