Study Abroad Course Set-Up

The following is an example of the way all Studies Abroad Program courses should be set-up in Banner. It is important that you follow these instructions so that various departments on campus can distinguish them from regular on-campus courses, the students can register without restrictions, and the proper fees can be assessed and collected. Enter campus code "7" on SSASECT for all programs except GTL . Use campus code "X" for the RMZ - GTL Metz (UG Program) and campus code "3" for GT-Lorraine (Graduate Program). Also, please be sure to include (I) the appropriate code ("7", "X", or "3") on SSARRES in the Campus Restrictions block. Coding the course on SSASECT is an identifier, but the restriction code on SSARRES controls registration. Also on SSASECT, please put a "4" (summer terms) or "D" (fall and spring terms) for part of term, and an "E" for the session code. All study abroad sections use "R" as the section code. In an effort to distinguish the different programs, a three-character code should be entered on the Degree Program Attributes tab of the SSADETL form. The codes are listed below the example.

AE/ISYE Limerick Summer Prog RLI
AE Summer Program in India RIN
Arabic LBAT- Morocco RMC
Arch Sr Intl Studio Pgm (SA) RSI
Argentina Summer Program in INTA RAR
Art & Arch in Italy & Greece RIT
Barcelona Science Fall Program RBS
Barcelona Summer Program RBA
Barcelona - Spanish LBAT RBL
BC Summer Program - London RBC
Berlin Summer Program RBR
ISYE in Asia Summer Prog RHK
BEST Study Abroad Program RBT
BME Beijing Summer Program RBG
BME Galway Summer Program RGA
CEE London RCE
ChBE in London (Imperial Coll) RIC
China Summer Program RCH
Chinese LBAT RCI
Deliberate Innovation in Startup Nation RDI
Design Build Program Africa RAF
Eastern Europe Summer RBU
Ecuador - Spanish LBAT REC
EU Summer Program RBE
France - French LBAT RLY
Global at Home GAH
GRIP Summer Intern Cohort RGP
GT Shenzhen Undergrad Program RSZ
GTL Metz (UG Program) RMZ
ISYE Study Abroad in Eurpoe RIE
Japan Summer Program RJS
Japanese LBAT RJP
Mexico - Spanish LBAT RMX
Mod Arch & Mod City (Grad) RAM
NGS Costa Rica RCR
Oxford ROX
Pacific Program (Spring) RNZ
Panama Summer Program RPN
Peru - Spanish LBAT RPE
Public Policy in Italy RRO
Russian LBAT/Intensive (Sp) RMO
Scotland Summer Program RSC
Senegal - French LBAT RSE
Serve Learn Sustain- Spain RSL
Southeast Asia Summer Program RSA
Spain - Spanish LBAT RMA
Span Summer Progr Puerto Rico RPR
Spanish Visit/Live It RSV
Valencia Lisbon Summer Program RVA
SSASECT Section code "R" for all programs
SSASECT Campus code 7 "X" for all of the above except for RMZ which should be "X". Use "3" for GT-Lorraine graduate sudents
SSASECT Part of term 4 (summer), Part of term D (fall and spring)
SSASECT Session code E
SSATEXT Footnote program name
SSARRES Include campus of 7 for all of the above except for RMZ which should be "X". Use "3" for GT-Lorraine graduate sudents
SSADETL Enter three character code (R__) from list above on Degree Program Attributes tab. On the Meeting Times form, tab to the building field and enter the appropriate External Cite code.
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