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Petition to the Faculty

A Petition to the Faculty form may be completed by a student when asking for an exception to an Institute rule or policy.

Degree Program Coordinators

Responsibility for degree program coordination, curriculum development, and curriculum review rests with faculty degree program coordinators. These faculty are designated by their respective school chairs or deans within the academic unit (school or college) offering a given major. Depending on the school or college, degree program coordinators may have a variety of titles including, but not limited to, graduate coordinator, undergraduate coordinator, associate chair, director, assistant dean, or associate dean.

Change of Minor Form

Form for undergraduates to change and/or add a minor.


Updated Feb 2020

Instructions for Submitting the Online Application for Graduation (OAG)

In order to graduate from Georgia Tech, a student must first submit an application for graduation. This video tutorial shows how to use the Online Application for Graduation (OAG).

Leave of Absence, Application to Return from

The Leave of Absence policy does not supercede any other policy. For example, students who need to withdraw or petition to withdraw from a given term must follow that procedure. Students who are ineligible to return to Georgia Tech may not seek a Leave of Absence as a way to address that status.