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Privacy Checklist for Online Courses

In order to determine the extent to which FERPA requirements have been engaged in a particular situation, the following factors should be taken into account by the instructor.

Graduate Program of Study Form

The Graduate Program of Study Form acts as a petition for a degree and is due in the Registrar's Office by the deadline published on the Academic Calendar. This deadline always occurs before the term of graduation. A Program of Study Form is only required for undesignated degrees and catalog years without degree requirements in Degree Works. Please review your Degree Works to see if a Program of Study Form is required. 

College of Engineering Multidisciplinary Certificate Petition

The petition for a Multidisciplinary Certificate should be submitted to the Dean of Engineering during or immediately following the semester in which the student graduates.

Change of Major Form for Undergraduate Students

Admitted Freshmen

Admitted freshmen will not be allowed to submit a request for a change of major until after the deadline for withdrawal from classes with a W grade in the first term of their enrollment. The change would be effective for the second term of enrollment. This includes a change of major within the student's current College. For freshmen admitted for Summer, the restriction is lifted after the withdraw deadline of their second semester of enrollment. All other restrictions also apply.

Change of Major/Level Form for Graduate Students

A graduate student uses this form to request a change of major or level.


Updated March 2020