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Post-9/11 G.I. Bill® Yellow Ribbon Program

You can contact the School Certifying Officer if you have questions about the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill® Yellow Ribbon program. Additional information is available from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Verification of Rank

About the Verification of Rank

The Verification of Rank indicates the student's rank in class for the Institute. Students who need their rank within their major should contact the major school.

Pre-Registration Letter

About the Pre-Registration Letter

The Pre-Registration Letter states that a student has registered for classes for a future term. It also states that an actual verification of enrollment cannot be made until after the final day of registration is completed for that term.

Verification of Overall GPA

About the Verification of Overall GPA

The Verification of Overall GPA indicates the student's current grade point average.

Letter of Recommendation

About the Letter of Recommendation

The Letter of Recommendation is for Georgia Tech students who have been academically dismissed and wish to attend another school.

Verification of a Pending Degree

About the Verification of a Pending Degree

Verification of Academic Standing

About the Verification of Academic Standing

The Verification of Academic Standing lists the student's most current academic standing.

Buildings and Class Locations List

A list of buildings and class locations used by the Registrar's Office for academic scheduling.

In addition to capacities, an additional column represents the type of technology with which each classroom is equipped by AV Services. Each room listed has at minimum the following equipment: Resident PC, Document Camera, Laptop HDMI Connection, and:

Frugal Solution
Teaching station mounted webcam, puck mic on teaching station, and Document Camera USB connection to Resident PC.

Petition for Tuition Classification

This petition should be submitted only if the Office of Undergraduate or Graduate Admission has already notified you that you have been classified as a non-resident for tuition purposes and you have good reasons to believe that further information could alter that decision.

Advanced Standing Form for Courses in Modern Languages

Credit in Modern Languages requires a special form for Examinations for Advanced Standing.


The official policy regarding Examinations for Advanced Standing is published under Rules & Regulations XII in the Catalog.


Catalog: Rules & Regulations XII

Updated Nov. 2020