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Temporary Downtime for Student Information System, including OSCAR, BuzzPort, and DegreeWorks

What is happening?

All of Banner Production (i.e., INB, Banner 9 Administrative Pages, SSB, Job Submission) and ancillary systems (Global ECS interface to Banner, TouchNet, GradesFirst, Canvas, TSquare, Grade Adapter, etc.) will be unavailable on Thursday (Dec. 6th) from 7:00 PM to approximately 11:00 PM so that operating system patches may be installed on the database server.


When is it happening?

The maintenance willoccur between 7:00 PM and approximately 11:00 PM on Thursday, Dec. 6th.


No Cost / Low Cost Course Offerings

No Cost / Low Cost Course Offerings for Fall 2018

Summer Term Options

Georgia Tech undergraduate students can take a variety of major-based and minor courses throughout the summer term. For students who are unable to take classes on campus, there are a variety of online options as well. 



Departments may place a hold on a student's account at any time, including during the registration process.


Waitlisting is a function that academic departments may employ that allows students to add to a waitlist for a course that is closed.  Once a student has waitlisted for a course section, he or she will receive notification via email if a seat becomes available in that section.  Waitlisted students are notified on a “first-come-first-serve” basis, and once the notification is received, he or she will have a specified window of time to register for the course.  The email notification will specify your window of time.