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Cross-Registration Information for Georgia Tech Students Attending Other ARCHE Institutions

Eligibility Requirements for Georgia Tech Students Attending Other ARCHE Institutions
  • Junior, Senior, or Graduate student level
  • Good academic standing
  • A minimum of 3 billable credit hours is required at Georgia Tech the term of cross registration
  • The requested course(s) must not be available at Georgia Tech that semester
  • Clear of any holds at the time of application submission

Cross-Registration Contact

ARCHE Cross-Registration Coordinator
GT ARCHE Cross-Registration Coordinator


Georgia Tech is one of twenty partnering schools that participate in the ARCHE cross registration program. With the approval of the student's major school, a student may schedule courses at any of the colleges or universities comprising the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE). Classes are paid through the student's home institution and the credit taken at a partnering school is transferred back as resident credit.

Standard Class Meeting Times in Summer Semesters

Semester System

Georgia Tech changed from the quarter to the semester system in August of 1999. There are three terms offered each calendar year: Fall, Spring, and an abbreviated Summer Term.

Course credit hours are represented by a numbering system where the first digit represents lecture hours, the second represents lab hours, and the third is credit hours. (Example: a 3-0-3 course is 3 hours of lecture, zero lab hours, 3 hours credit.)