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Grade Changes

The Registrar's Office is responsible for processing all grade changes. In order for a student to receive a grade change, a "Grade Correction" form must be completed and signed by the faculty member who taught the course. The form must then be signed by the head of the academic department. The form is then submitted to the Registrar’s Office for processing. If an academic department has made an error in completing the form, it will be returned to the department by the Registrar’s Office for correction and re-submission.

Grade Point Average Calculation

A student who passes a course receives both the designated number of credit hours and a number of quality points, calculated by multiplying the course credit hours and the numerical equivalent of the letter grade received (A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1). Thus, a student taking a three-hour credit course and earning a grade of C receives six quality points. To determine the undergraduate academic average, the total number of quality points earned by the student for all courses scheduled

Dean's List

Authoritative information regarding academic honors is published in the Catalog.

Catalog: Rules & Regulations VI

Undergraduate degree-seeking students are eligible for Deans List for the term, if the following conditions are met.

Academic Standing

Authoritative information regarding students' academic standing is published in the Catalog.

Catalog: Student Rules and Regulation VI

Academic standing is based on both the term grade point average and the overall average of the student. The minimum term and overall grade point averages for a student to be designated as having Good standing is explained below.

Exam Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • It is the responsibility of all students to be properly informed as to time and place for each of their final examinations.
  • Whenever possible, exams will be administered in the regularly assigned classroom. No exams should be administered at a time other than that specified in the Final Exam Matrix without prior approval of the Registrar. Exceptions should be clearly announced in the course