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If you get a log-in error when attempting to access Parchment Exchange...

Ordering transcripts by authenticating through the Student Information System

Current, or former Georgia Tech students who have previously ordered transcripts through Oscar/BuzzPort may encounter problems accessing Parchment Exchange. If you are unable to log in through Parchment Exchange, please attempt to access the site by authenticating through the student information system. Instructions are provided below.

Temporary Downtime for Student Information System, including BuzzPort, OSCAR, and DegreeWorks

Scheduled Service Maintenance for Banner Production



All of Banner Production (i.e.: Banner 9 Administrative Pages, SSB, Job Submission) and ancillary system interfaces (Global ECS interface to Banner, TouchNet, GradesFirst, Canvas, TSquare, Grade Adapter, DegreeWorks, etc.) will  be unavailable on Thursday, March 12th, between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM so that Financial Aid and Georgia Enhancement modules may be applied to the system.


Consider dropping a class? Read this first

To drop or not to drop.

If you find yourself asking this age-old question during your first week of class, you are not alone. Plenty of students find themselves pondering this option during Phase II, aka the add/drop period. To avoid becoming a ramblin’ mess rather than a Ramblin’ Wreck during this time, we recommend asking the following questions before taking action towards either option.

Reasons to stay -Things to consider

Temporary Downtime for Student Information System, including BuzzPort and OSCAR


Banner/Oscar Student Information Systems will be unavailable to facilitate financial year end close processing and to facilitate the migration to Workday integration with Banner.

Due to the critical nature of the Workday integration, Banner will be down after close out on Friday (June 28th) until Monday (July 1st) Morning.  Therefore the service will be unavailable to users from Friday, June 28, at 6:00PM to Monday, July 1st at 8:00AM.