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Departments may place a hold on a student's account at any time, including during the registration process.

Optional Confidentiality Flags for Student Records

Students have the right to request that their records be flagged as confidential, or prohibit the printing of their information in the on-line or printed school directory.

A previously requested "Confidential" or "No Print" indicator may be rescinded at any time.

Readmission Policy

The readmission form requires payment of a $30.00 fee.

Authoritative information regarding withdrawal and readmission is published under Rules & Regulations VIII in the Catalog.

Catalog: Rules & Regulations VIII

Academic Renewal Procedures

Students who have been out for two or more consecutive terms must apply for readmission. Students who are on first or second dismissal must apply for readmission. Readmission is not guaranteed. If the student has been out for 3 or more years, they may be eligible for academic renewal.